7 Figure Author Spills The Beans

Fiction is hard!
I am in touch with hundreds of writers. One thing I see over and over again is fiction writers struggling while non-fiction writers make money.

Now don't get me wrong - I love fiction! I am an avid reader of spy stories, science fiction, legal dramas, and historical fiction.

But here's the thing - I tried writing these. I just could not make it work. Dealing with plots, character development, story lines, conflict and resolution - this was just too much to deal with!

On the other hand...

None of those headaches exist when writing non-fiction. Writing non-fiction is way easier. Pretty much you can follow a tried and true formula to write a non-ficion book.

Want to know something else?...

Fiction writers go nuts over word counts. Non-fiction writers simply write. Length is not much of a factor. Non-fiction helps people in some way. A simple transfer of knowledge. Knowledge that you already have!

Fiction writers are into their craft as a point of passion. Good for them! Non-fiction writers want to help people and make money at the same time. Cool! Fiction writers need to convince readers why their books are better than the thousands of others out there. It's an uphill battle that most fiction writers lose and give up on.

However just one non-fiction book can be life changing for a writer. That's what happened to me but more on that later.

People Make Money Writing Non-Fiction...

Here are a few cases...
  • Jacob wrote a book about how to use a yo-yo and made 4 figures from it.
  • A nurse who passed the exams, turned around and wrote guides for those studying for the exams. This became a 7 figure business.
  • My dog trainer wrote a book while helping us with our over energetic cocker spaniel. He earned over $10,000.
  • Someone I met years ago had this unique idea. She simply gathered articles and photographs from her alma mater and put them in a book. She asked the college to mention it in the monthly magazine that goes to alumni. Instant 5 figures of sales.
Each of these people simply took what they know and made it available to others.

You can do this too!

Hi, my name is Ken.

I have introduced thousands of people to the world of self-publishing.

Many people know me from the low content training and software products I've created. Not many know I have a successful career as a writer.

How did I start? I simply took knowledge in my head and put it on paper. In particular I wrote a short article about a programming technique and sent it to a magazine. From that one action I ended up with many book deals. And one book in particular has been life changing for me. It's Excel Formulas and Functions for Dummies. I have earned over 6 figures in royalties from this one book alone.

Gross sales of all my books are approaching $2,000,000.

No joke. Most of my books are published through traditional publishers with alot of clout and market dominance. All in all my books have grossed in the 7 figures. Most of that did not go to me! It went back to the publishing companies. No complaints though.

Self publishing beats traditional publishing

I see so many writers trying to get book deals! As if it's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Speaking from the trenches of publishing, I flat out encourage people NOT to try to get a book deal. It's prestigious as hell but you will not keep much of the money. I am traditionally published and self published. I regularly tell people to walk away from book deals. Just wanted you to know that so you can be at ease about how to publish what you write.

Your knowledge can make you money

Now I don't mean to imply that you will find some super success like I have had. I don't like to lead people on or make pie-in-the-sky promises. However it's obvious that the opportunities for earning from your non-fiction writing is all over the place.

And this is great news for you!

I have a free training program made just for you. If you find this intriguing. If your mind is spinning with ideas. If you just want to learn more. Then simply sign up below and watch my free training.

Writing Is Easier Than You Think...

The major roadblock that I hear over and over is "I don't know how to write" Well that is just 100% wrong. Have you written an email? Have you posted on social media? How about a shopping list? Yes - a shopping list follows the same principle - being organized.

Non-fiction writing does not require you to be some master of the language, to know all the cool grammar tricks, or even that you need any particular style. The most important thing is to organize what you will write about.

Can I tell you a story?

When Wiley (the Dummies books company) asked me to write a book, they first asked for the outline. I was new to this idea back then. They asked that I complete what roughly is the table of contents. I sent it off to them, and they sent it back with suggestions. We did that back and forth thing a few times. I thought this was being OCD about it. Until I actually starting writing the book...

Wow! That was a defining moment in my writing career. Learning the power of an outline. Because when I actually wrote the book basically I was just filling in the blanks. Working from an outline saved me days, maybe even weeks, of writing time. This is what makes writing easy. First organizing what you will write.

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It's been one of the best things in my life.

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